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November 30, 1890 The Peru & Detroit Railway is completed between Peru and Chili, IN. It is immediately leased to the Wabash Railroad for 99 years. Later it will be purchased by the Winona & Warsaw Railway for their Peru extension.11/30/09 DailyRRHist
October 30, 1902 Winona and Warsaw Railway incorporated (other sources have Railroad)x
July 5, 1904 Winona Interurban Railway incorporated by the Winona Assembly
June 12, 1905 Winona Interurban Railway chartered
May 1906 Construction of Peru Division beganx
June 22, 1906 Service between Goshen and Warsaw started (over Northern Indiana Railway tracks in Goshen)
August 8, 1906 Purchased the former Peru & Detroit Railway from the Wabash Railway (7.33 miles between Chili and Peru Junction, later called Wabash Junction). This line had been discontinued by the Wabash in 1902
January 28, 1907 The Winona began operating electric interurban service between Peru and Chili over the former Peru & Detroit Railway Company
May 1907 Peru-Chili section opened - differs from above reference
1908 The ICC found that the Big Four and Pennsylvania Railroad had agreed to not interchange cars with the Winona in Warsaw. The ICC ordered the two roads to allow such interchange. This decision affected many Indiana electric lines.
January 1908 Peru to Akron segment completedx
June 1908 The Electric Installations Company of Chicago entered a bill of complaint, asking that operation on Sunday be mandatory and that a receiver be appointed. The EI Company had received 425,000 in bonds as partial payment for building the line. Because of insufficient traffic, the WIRy could not meet the interest on these bonds
March 1909 Warsaw to Mentone segment completedx
March 7, 1909 The Winona Interurban Electric Railway is forced by its major creditor (the builder Electric Installations Company of Chicago) to begin operations on Sundays, a move resisted by its Sabbatarian founders. Included in that group are H.J. Heinz and J. M. Studebaker.
NOTE: This date came from a 3/7/08 post on Yahoo!group DailyRRHist - it is a Sunday.
March 9, 1909 Sunday operations began as a result of a board of directors decision. A major creditor (the builder Electric Installations Company of Chicago who had received 425,000 in bonds as part payment and was not receiving all the interest because of insufficient traffic on the line) had taken management to court. After a bitter battle amongst the Assembly board of directors, it was voted to operate 7 days a week
NOTE: This date came from a corporate history of the Winona - it is a Tuesday.
February 4, 1910 The first Winona Railroad car runs from Peru to GoshenDailyRRHist
July 1, 1910 Warsaw & Winona Railway leased to the Winona Interurban Railway for 99 years
November 10, 1910 Limited service began between Peru and Michigan City (using Chicago, South Bend & Northern Indiana Railway tracks between Goshen and Michigan City)
July 24, 1916 Winona Interurban Railway placed into receivership
May 27, 1924 Winona Service Company chartered to operate the properties of the Winona Interurban Railway it had purchased at foreclosure
1924? Control of the Winona Service Company passed to the Insull Interests (who also managed the Interstate Public Service Company)
September 9, 1926 Winona Service Company renamed Winona Railroad Company
1934 Organized the Winona Refrigerator Car Corporation subsidiary
September 1, 1934 Ended passenger service between Peru and Goshenx
September 1, 1934 Ended freight service between Peru and the junction of the Wabash railroad north of Peru and from Goshen to New Parisx
September 30, 1934 Passenger service between Warsaw and Goshen ends.x
July 4, 1938 Last passenger service on the Winona Interurban Railway as the final streetcar runs between Warsaw and Winona Lakex
1938 Line de-electrifiedx
January 1945 Winona Railroad president Frazer announced the sale of the bonds, stocks and physical assets of the 66-mile railroad to a syndicate including Claude L. Jackson, of Chicago. The latter was named the new Winona Railroad president.
July 26, 1946 Requested permission to abandon 39.62 miles of track between Warsaw and Wabash (Peru) Junction
February 13, 1947 The ICC approved the requested to abandon 39.62 miles of track between Warsaw and Wabash (Peru) Junction  
April 30, 1947 Operations ceased on the 39.62 miles of track between Warsaw and Wabash (Peru) Junction
May 5, 1949 Requested permission to abandon the remaining 18.5 miles of track between Warsaw and New Paris. The ICC denied the petition because of shipper opposition. The ICC said the petition to abandon could be renewed by the end of 1950 with proof the railroad could not be continued in operation at a profit
January 3, 1951 Supplemental abandonment application filed. There were three agreements with shippers and/or railroads:
1. Western Indiana Gravel Company - Winona would provide it with a track connection to the Big Four (NYC) at Leesburg
2. Pennsylvania Railroad - Winona would rebuild a curve so PRR could use its equipment on an industry track it proposed to acquire
3. Litchfield Creamery - Winona agreed to pay certain expenses to be incurred by Litchfield Creamery in relocating switch tracks and connecting with the Pennsylvania Railroad
June 20, 1951 ICC granted abandonment request
May 31, 1952 Last trip made on the Winona, led by #707, and line officially abandoned
1902-1905 Winona and Warsaw Railway x
1905-1924 Winona Interurban Railway
1924-1926 Winona Service Company
1926-1952 Winona Railroad Company
4/1938-1/1950 Winona Refrigerator Car Corp. x
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